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1892 Topographical Map of Yarmouth, Maine.

(Also showing parts of Cumberland, Freeport and North Yarmouth, all spin offs
from the original North Yarmouth, District of Maine, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.)

This map was made before many changes to Yarmouth as we now know it!

The map is pre-SPRAWL!

It is before the State Highway (formerly Route US 1 -- now Maine Route 88) was built!

It is before the new 1947 - 1948 Route US 1 was built!

It is pre-Interstate 95! No interstate highway crosses Yarmouth Harbor!

It is pre-Royall Junction and the revised route of the Maine Central Railroad's "Back Road."
The original railroad route, as shown, was from Cumberland Junction, via Val Halla Road,
crossed Tuttle Road, Greely Road, Pea Street, Maine Route 115 at Walnut Hill,
The Lane, Sweetser Road, Maine Route 9, and Maine Route 231,
but the little steam engines couldn't climb the grade at Val Halla.

Leave it to the USC&GS to change the spelling of Royall River to only one 'L'.

This map has been donated to the Yarmouth Historical Society.

1892 topographical map of Yarmouth, Maine.

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