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Old Colonial Lotting Map of Ancient North Yarmouth, District of Maine.

Old Colonial Map of Ancient North Yarmouth,
District of Maine
This is six 8 1/2 x 11" sections of the old lotting map for the third settlement of North Yarmouth, County of York (until Cumberland), District of Maine, then Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I have scanned and stitched six sections for Cumberland, Yarmouth, and North Yarmouth, Maine. The overlaps of the stitches are not always superimposed correctly. Most of the Freeport and Pownal sections of old North Yarmouth are not included. The map is currently in the color mode, but I intend to change it to black and white to reduce web space and time. It is currently 5 megabytes in size and takes a few minutes to download.
We have not priced the map for resale at this time. It is shown for historical information only.
The map has been donated to the Yarmouth Historical Society.

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