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The Antiquarian Publications of
The First Church in North Yarmouth, Maine
(in Yarmouth, Maine since the split of the towns in 1849).

Title Author Date Price
"Confession of Faith and Covenant, of the First Church in North Yarmouth, Me. with a Catalogue of Its Members, and Brief Historical Notices." SOLD. "Brief Historical Notices" by Reverend David Shepley. "April, 1848." $199.00. Reduced $75.00. SOLD.
Printer: "Portland. Printed at the Mirror Office."
From its "Organization, November 18, 1730," the "Descriptive Catalogue" of the church included 1075 members through publication in April, 1848. Initially the members were transferred from churches in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, but by March, 1731, most subsequent members joined the church by way of "Public Profession." The genealogical quarterly, "Old Times," by Augustus W. Corliss from 1877 to 1884 referred to 1st church members by their number in the catalogue.
"Confession of Faith and Covenant, of the First Church in North Yarmouth, Me. with a Catalogue of Its Members, and Brief Historical Notices." "Brief Historical Notices" by Reverend David Shepley. "April, 1848." $99.00.
Printer: "Portland. Printed at the Mirror Office."
Repaired: The four page "Articles of Faith and Covenant" are missing. See description above.
"Confession of Faith and Covenant, of the First Church in North Yarmouth, Me. with a Catalogue of Its Members, and Brief Historical Notices." Includes the "First Appendix" ten year addendum and corrections through November 17, 1858. (Now 1179 member names.) "Brief Historical Notices" by Reverend David Shepley. "April, 1848;" "November 17, 1858". Reprint (facsimile) edition: "September, 1997." $17.50. New.
Original Printer: "Portland. Printed at the Mirror Office."
Reprint edition: Picton Press, Rockport, Maine.
"Second Manual of the First Congregational Church in Yarmouth, Maine, with Continuation of Descriptive Catalogue; and Standing Rules" See "Historical Sketch." No single author. "Revised and Adopted in January, 1878." $129.00
Printer: "Portland: Printed by B. Thurston & Co."
"Exercises of the 150th Anniversary of the First Church in Yarmouth, Me. 1730 -- 1880." Various Authors of Sermons, Addresses, and Letters. 1881. $129.00.
Printer: "Portland: Printed by William M. Marks."

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" THE FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH in North Yarmouth, which was the tenth in Maine, was organized Nov. 18, 1730, one year after the building of the meeting-house, and three years before the permanent organization of the town. For several years previous, the preaching of the gospel had been regularly sustained by the people.
" About the year 1729 the town received an accession to its inhabitants from the south shore of Massachusetts, some of whom were direct descendants from the men who came over in the Mayflower, and whose influence for religion was valuable and strong. It was the year following that nine men received the embodying covenant, in which they declared their faith in the Christian religion, and gave up themselves and their offspring to the Lord, and were recognized as a Church of Christ by a council. The same day Rev. Ammi-Ruhamah Cutter was ordained pastor of the church.
" The original founders, as well as those who speedily became connected with them, were men of real piety, evangelical in faith, and Congregational in polity; and although the church felt the influence of the low state of religion in New England during its first fifty years, and adhered to the halfway covenant for the first eighty years of its life, yet these evils had less influence than they might have had, and the church has been, on the whole, signally blessed and prospered.
" For nearly fifty years a quarterly Fast has been observed, with the purpose of special prayer for the divine influence to descend upon the church, the children of the church, and the Sabbath school.
" For many years there was no other church near this, and people came here to worship from five, ten, or even twelve miles distant. Occasionally the pastor, or an assistant, preached in different parts of the town, and at length other churches were formed in sections which have since been set off as separate towns. It was in 1820 that the first meeting-house at 'the Falls' was erected. The present house of worship was built in 1867.
" This church has enjoyed several seasons of remarkable religious revival. The year 1745 was such a time, when many other churches of the country were also refreshed. It was during this year that the Rev. Geo. Whitefield, by invitation of the pastor, Mr. Loring, spent a Sabbath with this church, very much to its edification, March 24th. Revivals occurred also in 1791, and 1808. The whole term of Mr. Brown's ministry from 1810--1815 was a period of prosperity. There was a refreshing work of grace in 1822, under the ministry of Mr. Cummings. The years 1831 and 1841, during the ministry of Mr. Shepley, were seasons of remarkable outpourings of the Holy Spirit, and large ingatherings into the church. The past year also, 1877, has been one which will long be remembered as a year of the right hand of the Most High in this church, during which 112 have been added to its membership. Other facts of this kind may be found in the 'Table of Annual Accessions.'
" The church has had fourteen settled pastors, whose names, with the place of their nativity and graduation, and the periods of their service, will be found in the Catalogue of Pastors. Three of these pastorates have been of unusual length, viz., that of Mr. Shepley, 20 years, of Mr. Loring, nearly 27 years, and of Mr. Gilman, 40 years.
" Twenty-three have served in the Office of Deacon, whose names will also be found in their table.
" The Articles of Faith and Covenant were prepared and adopted, very nearly as now printed, in the early part of Mr. Gilman's ministry, in 1770."