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"History of Parkman

"Mainstream Democracy in Parkman, Maine




"Freeport, Maine

Condition: Excellent, New soft cover paper reprint edition. 108 pages.
With illustrations, bibliography and appendices.
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The original edition was a hardcover edition.


"Roger C. Storms was born on August 5, 1939 in Houlton, Maine. While growing up in the towns of Houlton, Gardiner, and Yarmouth, the author's tie to Parkman has always been a strong one. He was graduated from North Yarmouth Academy in 1957. The author earned a bachelor of arts degree in education from Eastern Baptist College in St. Davids, Pennsylvania in 1961. Two years later, he married Margaret L. Fry and they moved back to Maine to start a family. The couple had two children, Ethel born in 1965 and Eric, born in 1969. Over the next several years, Roger taught history to both adult and youth students in the high schools of Dexter, Greenville, Lee, and Lincoln. In 1978, the Roget Storms family moved to Denver, Colorado where he took a school administrator's job. In 1980, the author died of complications resulting from a tragic automobile accident. That same year, he came home to be laid to rest in Parkman's Pingree Cemetery.

"In 1968, the author received a master of arts degree in history from the University of Maine in Orono, being graduated with Phi Kappa Phi honors. The choice for his master's thesis was a personal one. He chose to conduct a study of political behavior patterns in his maternal ancestor's home of Parkman, Maine. Grace Mildred McKusick, the author's mother, grew up on the McKusick farm not far from the town's center and married her husband, Martin T. Storms, one-time pastor of Parkman Baptist Church, in the same church in 1934. While the author's father was serving pastorates throughout Maine, Roger's heart had remained in Parkman. He spent long summer months in Parkman as a youth, influenced by his uncle, Robert McKusick, and by his grandfather, Carroll L. McKusick. The author's love for Parkman and politics was greatly fostered by Carroll McKusick, a long-time member of the Maine legislature, State Board of Education and SAD #4 School Board.

"As the author studied the area in great detail, this book grew out of a desire to see an authoritative history of Parkman published. The author's master's thesis had been focused on showing how one small town in Maine could influence and reflect both national and international political history. In 1969, the thesis was expanded into a local history and originally published."

* This reprint edition includes the above "About the Author" written by the author's son, Eric.

"Copyright © 1969 by Roger C. Storms."

Personal note: The eStore webmaster went to school and church with Roger Storms from 1950 to 1957 and is honored to be provided with a consignment inventory of this excellent book.

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