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"Reminiscences of a
Yarmouth Schoolboy

Interesting Facts and Anecdotes
of Yarmouth, Maine, Half a Century Ago"
"Edward Clarence Plummer
Yarmouth High School, 1881
"Marks Printing House
$59.00 Sold..
Fifteen chapters, thirty-nine illustrations, 263 pages. Quotation from:
"The chief purpose of this little volume is to present a picture of Yarmouth as it was during my school days there; to call back upon the elm-shaded streets of this attractive village the figures of those, both old and young, who were part of its life when I was a boy; to bring within Fancy's vision those staunch old wharves as I saw them, with their facilities for the construction of six vessels at one time; to see again those sprawling heaps of crooked timbers contrasting so strikingly with imposing stacks of piled plank, and then, under the magic touch of our skillful artisans, whose several trades so harmoniously combined to a concert of blended sounds, watch these massive materials commingle until they became brigs, barques and full-rigged ships fit to challenge comparison with the best products of other yards...."
"Reminiscences of a
Yarmouth Schoolboy

Interesting Facts and Anecdotes
of Yarmouth, Maine, Half a Century Ago
"Edward Clarence Plummer
Yarmouth High School, 1881"
"Marks Printing House
Fifteen chapters, thirty-nine illustrations, 263 pages. See above quotation. A good reading copy.
"True Tales of the Sea
1684 -- 1898"
"Edward Clarence Plummer
Vice Chairman
U. S. Shipping Board"
1930 $99.00.
Foreword, ten illustrations, 260 pages, and Seventeen Chapters, as follows:
"TABLE OF CONTENTS. • A Heroine of the High Sea, • The Privateer Dash, • A Naval Duel,
• Fortune's Conqueror, • Honeymoon Ships, • Defying Napoleon, • Cockroach Hall, • An Ocean Racer, • Taught by John Adams, • The Slaver, • A Monitor's Struggle, • Ocean Queens, • A Talk with Semmes, • Mark's Monument, • The Solid Ship, • Running the Gauntlet, • An Ocean Prison."

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